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Makar, Brisbane, Qld, 1972

In 1972, this was the second poetry collection in the Gargoyle Poets Series of Makar Australian Poetry, Brisbane.


‘What happens is that Alan Wearne’s poetry is full of the unexpected–the unusual image and placement of words. He tries to steer clear of the graceful pentameter, and I feel certain that he finds some delight in disrupting the “usual” movement of a poem…Alan Wearne has more than talent. He is already a gifted poet.’
R A Simpson ‘Untitled’ The Age 20 January 1973 (p.20)


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Some poems had previously been published and this book acknowledges the following:

The Age
Australian Poetry 1971 (ed. Chris Wallace-Crabbe, Angus & Robertson)
Australian Poetry Now (ed. Thomas W. Shapcott, Sun Books)
New Poetry (formerly Poetry Magazine)
Poetry Australia