1990s Critical Writings (Australian Poetry & Fiction)

1999‘Straight to the Heart’ The Sydney Morning Herald 13 November 1999 (p. 10)
A review of Poets and Others by Bruce Beaver; Everything Holy by M.T.C. Cronin; Black Water Approaching Zukovsky by Robert Adamson and Don’t Start Me Talking by Paul Kelly.
1999‘Let’s Not Be Averse to a Verse’ The Sydney Morning Herald 17 July 1999 (p. 8)
1999‘Missing in the Action’ The Age 27 February 1999 (p. 8)
1999Review of What a Piece of Work by Dorothy Porter The Age 1999
1999‘Take Your Pick’ The Sydney Morning Herald 13 March 1999 (p.10)
1998‘Wit and Witting’ The Sydney Morning Herald 4 July 1998 (p.14). A review of Collected Poems by Amy Witting and New and Collected Poems 1941-1997 by Allen Curnow
1998‘Poetry was a Pleasurable Religion’ Obituary for John Forbes, Poet. The Australian 4 February 1998 (p. 16)
1997‘Lehmann’s guide’ Eureka Street July/August 1997 vol 7 no 6 (p. 44-46). A review of Collected Poems, 1997 by Geoffrey Lehmann. https://www.eurekastreet.com.au/uploads/File/pdf/EurekaStreetClassic/Vol7No6.pdf
1997‘Supreme Self-Indulgent Stew’ The Courier Mail 19 July 1997 (p. wkd 8). A review of Genre by John Kinsella
1997‘This is How They Saw Themselves This How They Didn’t’ Meanjin 1997 (p.198-202).
A review of An Anthology of New Zealand Poetry in English. Jenny Bornholdt, Gregory O’Brien & Mark Williams (eds).
1997‘Murray and Other Rivers’ Eureka Street May vol 7 no 4 1997 (p. 43-44).
Reviews of The Wild Reply, 1997, by Emma Lew; Accidental Grace, 1996, Judith Beveridge; Subhuman Redneck Poems, 1996, by Les Murray; and Dogstown, 1996, by Lee Fuhler. https://www.eurekastreet.com.au/uploads/File/pdf/EurekaStreetClassic/Vol7No4.pdf
1997‘Rhythms of the River’ The Sydney Morning Herald 22 March 1997 (p.11s)
A review of The Language of Oysters. Poems by Robert Adamson. Photographs by Juno Gemes.
1997‘A Restless Tale of Suburban Anguish’ The Courier Mail 1 March 1997 (p. wkd 8)
1997‘Prime rating’ Eureka Street January-February vol 7 no 1 1997 (p. 44-45).
Reviews of Weeping for Lost Babylon, 1996, by Eric Beach; The Angry Penguin, Selected Poems of Max Harris, 1996, NLA and selected in consultation with Peter Ward, literary executor of the estate of Max Harris; and The forest set out like the night, 1995 by John Anderson.
1996‘The poet’s first rule: do a lot with a little’ The Sydney Morning Herald (November 1996 (p.11s). A review of New and Selected Poems 1971-1993 by Laurie Duggan and Lightning Tree by John Kinsella
1996‘Getting it together’ Eureka Street April vol 6 no 3 1996 (p. 40-41). Reviews of New and Selected Poems, 1995 by Robert Gray and Collected Poems by Dorothy Hewett, 1995 https://www.eurekastreet.com.au/uploads/File/pdf/EurekaStreetClassic/Vol6No3.pdf
1996‘University Puzzler’ The Courier Mail 17 August 1996 (p. wkd 8)
1996‘Awake to Every Cadence of Abuse’ The Sunday Age 30 June 1996 (p. 8)
1995‘Infinite Variety’. A review of The Oxford Book of Australian Womens’ Verse. Susan Lever, (ed.) Melbourne: Oxford University Press, in Eureka Street Vol 5, no 10 1995 (p.55-57).
1995‘Across the Decades’ Australian Book Review September no, 174 1995 (p. 55)
1995 A Potpourri of Wit and Verse’ The Sydney Morning Herald 12 August 1995 (p. 11A) A review of Laika’s Run by Kerry Skuffins; Shadow Swimmer by Paul Hetherington; Highgate Hill by Robert Hughes and In the Human Night by Peter Bakowski
1995 ‘Two by Three Poets’ Australian Book Review April no 169 1995 (p. 46)
1994‘Australia’s True Prophet’ The Age 2 April 1994 (p.8)
1992‘Shelf Life’ [12 December1992] The Age 12 December 1992 (p. 8)
1992‘Voices of Fashion and Eccentricity’ The Age 3 October 1992 (p.10). A review of Tomorrow We Save The Orphans by Owen Marshall and Midnight Voices by Patricia Pengilly
1992‘Battles in the Bush’ The Sydney Morning Herald 19 September 1992 (p. 44)
1992‘A Case of Child-Porn’ The Age 22 August 1992 (p.10)
1992‘Crusaders in lands tropical and latin’ The Age 11 July 1992, A review of Bay of All Saints and Every Conceivable Sin by Ana Miranda.
1992‘An Intellectual Warehouse: Obituary: Jas H. Duke 1939-1992’ The Age 27 June 1992 (p. 8)
1992 ‘Too Human by Half’ The Sydney Morning Herald 16 May 1992 (p.48)